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Yes, there are still possibilities to settle Iraqi debts, apart from the passed Paris Club deal, the Iraqi Debt Reconciliation Office in Amman and the many leftover from procedures started before 22 May 2003. 

About our company

Ortuz is an international legal business office that handles and recovers international claims.

Ortuz is the only Benelux firm that specialises in the combination of legal procedural excellence and swift commercial handling of international claims.

Over the years we have accumulated a sound expertise in negotiating with all kinds of companies, markets and countries.

You can build on our expertise in trading with emerging markets. Our expertise is at your service.

You can trust on Ortuz whether you want us to:
-    Manage and recover your international debts
-    Assist in international credit control
-    Research solvency of companies
-    Litigate transnational
-    Settle disputes amicably
This website aims to inform you on our activities and interesting topics regarding the international trading of debts. Information can be a strategic tool!